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American Curt Morlock Drops Out of Global Solo Challenge non-stop solo race around the world. 

folded hands in cockpit.jpeg

Forced to sell my boat over a 6700 euro bill. Want to sail with me ? We can make this happen. 

I owe the boatyard 6700 euros. I had one quick repair, needed two months of freeze-dried food, paint the bow deck orange and tape the top of the mainsail orange. We could be in the race right now. I am surprised how difficult it is to get support from my American brothers, sisters, and corporations. I sold my house and retirement for this. I spent over 300k. I have lost everything. If a qualified sailor wants to sail around the world with me, please contact me. Two skippers make for an easy sail, and three even easier. Consider 10k each, we could still make this happen. 

Handicapped USMC Vet with Cancer

Jan 31st Purchase
Oslo Norway

Febuary 14th
Skagen Denmark

Hamble UK.jpg

Febuary 24th
Oostende Belgium

Febuary 28th
Hamble UK

March 3rd
Gosport UK

Caen France.jpg

April 6th
V1D2 Boatyard FRA

Remove Mast.jpg

April 21st
Remove 85 ft Mast

6K Mastless_edited.jpg

6 Lazy K Mastless

Grinding Mast _edited.jpg
Nav Stat May 18.jpg
Nav Out May 23.jpg

   May 5th

Rudders Flip up May 25.jpg

May 11
Begin Mast Repair

May 18
Nav Station

May 23
Nav Stat Outside

rudders prep June 2.jpg
Med Support Offshore June 5.jpg

May 25
Flip Up Rudders

June 2
Preparing Rudders

June 5th-8th
Ship First-Aide Training

Rudders Seperated.jpg
Hatch repairs June 29.jpg
14 mast car bearings replaced.jpg
Mast Repair completed.jpg

June 28th Rudders separated

Mast rigging July 3.jpg

July 3rd New Rigging begins

June 29th Hatch repairs 

June 30. 14 mast car bearings replaced

July 2nd Mast repair completed

Sea Survival.jpg
Medical Care.jpg

July 8th Sea Survival

July 10-14 Ship Med Care


Radar Mount

Navigation Station

Sept Rudders

Primary Wind Sensor mount

Dec Motor.jpg

Electric Propulsion

IUEC Aug 23.jpg

IIUEC Sponsor $25k

Laser Masthead

Sept Return Mast

AIS backup Ant Sept 26.jpg
VHF backup Sept 26.jpg
PLB3 Vest.jpg

AIS backup Antenna

VHF backup Antenna

PLB3 in vest

Sail J2.jpg

Sail J2

Rudder System

6K Cockpit.jpg
Sail J3.jpg

Sail J3

Mainsail Sept 30th.jpg

Main Sail

furled sails.jpg

Sponsor Ready

Now or Never, Please Donate

Complete Nav Stat.jpg
6K Dec 13.jpg

Navigation Station looking good

6K prepared for dry storage Dec 11-2023

Lift hold down rudders.jpg
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